Producing API and SDK documentation
Document Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs), Java-
based products, Web Services, Visual Basic ActiveX controls, other tools for developers, and
speech recognition products.

Training on documenting APIs and SDKs
Deliver a hands-on workshop on how to document APIs and SDKs.
Teach writers to use some of the most popular tools for generating documentation from source
code ("A single source of truth"). See
APIs - SDKs Workshop for the outline and times.

Providing documentation services to start-ups
Produce documentation for various online and printed formats, including context-sensitive
Windows Help, HTML Help, WebHelp, and JavaHelp. Proficient in Flare. Expert in RoboHelp,
RoboHTML, FrameMaker, Word, and Help & Manual.

Using advanced software tools to improve productivity and accuracy
Archive and recreate product documentation from revived products.
Use source code control and file management systems.
Use tools to “let the computer do the work,” such as Javadoc, Doxygen, and other advanced
tools for editing files, comparing files, and searching / replacing text in files.

Analyzing documentation needs
Convert documentation sets to new formats.
Develop and implement single-sourcing solutions.

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