What others say about Ed's work:

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed through various projects in hectic software times. We were
always sure that the docs would be up to date, correctly reflect the extent of the API, with accurate
technical content, correct language style, and reference material to meet delivery deadlines. In an
age where giving customers and developers correct insight in the possibilities of your intellectual
property (IP) is so important, if only to keep a greater competitive edge,  Ed helped us to deliver that
added value. Combined with his hands-down, cool approach, he is an invaluable asset to any
project team.  Recommend him? Hell yes.” - EVG, a former software project leader

"I work as a lone writer in a busy hi-tech startup. I produce online help, printed manuals, online
manuals, tech brief, installation posters, and all sorts of other things to keep up with the needs of a
growing company. But there are things that even a lone writer with 20 years of experience doesn't
know. Ed has a wealth of knowledge; his STC presentations and his unselfish presence on the tech
writer email lists have saved me countless hours of research and work. I and my company would be
less successful without Ed's contributions." - JS, a fellow lone writer

"To reiterate what I told Ed after his presentation, the value of his suggestions alone are worth more
than my conference registration fee." - written feedback from an attendee of my Useful Shareware
Technical Communicators talk at the 2009 STC Technical Summit.

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

“Ed makes a hard subject easy to read. Writing API documents for high tech equipment is
challenging in that the audience ranges from developers to managers, Ed did a great job satisfying
both audiences. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone wanting a partner in developing API
documentation.” - Steve Cummings, VP of Engineering at a former client

"Ed is the consummate professional. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him for the two years he
contracted at Tervela. He worked well with the API developers, requiring minimal input from them.
Ed stayed on top of changes that needed to be documented by watching the daily check-ins and
using search tools to find the differences that needed documenting. He enjoys finding the best tool
for the job, and saving valuable time by using them wisely. Ed's attention to detail was invaluable,
especially during the end game before every release. Whether working off-site or in the office, Ed's
work was consistent and thorough. I trusted that he would do what he said, no matter what. His
word is always good. I would definitely recommend Ed and hope to work with him again." - Elaine
Welch (Principal Technical Writer at Tervela, Inc.) managed Ed at Tervela.
Marshall Documentation Consulting: Testimonials