APIs – SDKs Workshop

APIs – SDKs: Breaking Into and Succeeding in a Specialty Market Workshop Outline

This full-day workshop has the following goals:

  • Learn what APIs and SDKs are, who uses them, and why.
  • Learn what typical documentation deliverables are for these products.
  • Learn two common methodologies for producing documentation for APIs/SDKs from the
    source code, a “single source of truth.” Be able to describe why this approach is
    preferred by many developers. Practice using two common tools for producing
    documentation from the source code, Doxygen and Javadoc.
  • Learn recommended sources of training to get the skills needed for this area.
  • Create two API samples (C and Java) that you can show to potential clients or


  • Introductions
  • Review course goals
  • Discussion of APIs and SDKs
  • Doxygen discussion and demo
  • Setting up Doxygen exercises
  • Doxygen exercises
  • Lunch
  • Doxygen exercises review
  • Javadoc discussion and demo
  • Setting up Javadoc exercises and Sun’s NetBeans IDE
  • Javadoc exercises
  • Javadoc exercises review
  • Additional training for API / SDK writers
  • Q&A
  • Closing